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Price List

Pricing of custom quilting:

Basting                                                                    $.005 per square inch
Simple Pantograph or Meandering                $.0175 per square inch
Medium Complex                                                 $.0225 per square inch
Complex Pantograph or small meander       $.0275 per square inch
Custom Quilting                                                   $20 per hour
Heirloom                                                                 $20 per hour

**specialty threads are extra

 Piecing backing together                                 $10 per seam
Squaring up backing                                          $5
Make binding strips from your fabric             $5
Machine apply binding to front                       $0.10 per linear inch
Machine apply binding front and back          $0.15 per linear inch
Hand finish binding on back                           $0.25 per linear inch

*minimum fee $25

**10% charge for expedited 7 day turnaround 

all prices are subject to change

o2b Quilting, LLC

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