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o2b Quilting, LLC

o2b Quilting, LLC

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Rental Fees:

Call and make an appointment for a time convenient for you.  If you and a friend(s) would like to make a retreat weekend or couple of days, we have a comfortable motel just a couple blocks down the road.  I have plenty of space for you to set up sewing
machines so you can take turns on the longarms.  There are five longarm machines available.  Call to discuss the fun possibilities!!

$17.00/hr for free motion quilting
$22.00/hr  for machine and use of computer guided system
$2  per quilt for use of pantograph
$5  per quilt for use of other tools/rulers
$5 for use of my zippers

*Machine rental is by appointment with a 2 hour minimum.

 *There is a cancellation fee of $30 for no-shows or if cancellation is less than 24 hrs prior to appt.

 *I reserve the right to approve thread types.   I know the machine and the threads that work the best on it.

Pricing of custom quilting:

Basting                                                                    $.005 per square inch
Simple Pantograph or Meandering                $.0175 per square inch
Medium Complex                                                 $.0225 per square inch
Complex Pantograph or small meander       $.0275 per square inch
Custom Quilting                                                   $20 per hour
Heirloom                                                                 $20 per hour

**specialty threads are extra

 Piecing backing together                                 $10 per seam
Squaring up backing                                          $5
Make binding strips from your fabric             $5
Machine apply binding to front                       $0.10 per linear inch
Machine apply binding front and back          $0.15 per linear inch
Hand finish binding on back                           $0.25 per linear inch

*minimum fee $25

**10% charge for expedited 7 day turnaround 

all prices are subject to change